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Mississauga Violin Lessons

Violin lessons in Mississauga for kids and beginners all the way through to adults and professionals.

There is nothing quite as astoundingly beautiful as the sound of a violin. The proficient violin player draws awe and amazement from any crowd, whether he or she is performing a solo or accompanying another musician on piano.

At National Academy of Music, we can help you become this outstanding violinist. Children and adults just starting to learn this wonderful instrument will first learn the very basics. We recommend following the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum, but you may also learn through your own criteria. Whatever option you choose, we provide flexible and professional Mississauga violin lessons that unite theory with individual goals and preferences.

A violin can sound happy, sad or excited – the listener is in for an emotional ride

As you learn the violin, you will be amazed at how many dispositions it can take on. Even if you have never picked up a violin before, our award-winning and professional violin teachers will help you make your violin sing. It is all about mastering basic techniques such as bowing and fretting and learning to read music properly.

Our Mississauga music school has a strong reputation in violin and will help you develop the skill and confidence to command the impressive violin musical instrument.

Violin classes for all ages

National Academy of Music proudly offers violin lessons for all ages, including children’s violin lessons. We have 30 years of experience working with different age levels, including kids as young as four-years-old. Our aim is to grow talented and inspired musicians, including aspiring violinists.

Try private violin lessons

Our violin lessons are private. There are no required long-term commitments. We also have violins for sale and rent at our Mississauga music store.


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