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  • We are a music instrument store Mississauga shoppers should visit to rent or buy from. We are also a violin and keyboard store.

  • Music Store in Mississauga

    Not just a guitar store Mississauga students frequently visit, National Academy of Music has a variety of musical instruments and items for sale, including Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitars, Classical Guitars, Violins, Guitar Amplifiers, Drums, Music Books, Keyboards, Microphones, Flutes, Trumpets, Harmonicas, and Many Accessories. Open on Sundays.

  • Purchasing Tip

    You should be concerned about getting the best value. The cheapest musical instrument isn't always the best deal because there are many poor quality instruments on the market. Some may be difficult to play or have tuning problems. This may compromise the learning ability in your music lessons.

    If you buy a musical instrument from National Academy of Music you will avoid the difficulty for both the teacher and the student when the instrument isn't the correct one the student should have. We have knowledgeable staff to help you with the correct choices. We specialize in Mississauga guitar sales.

    If you are thinking about purchasing or renting a guitar, and need some advice, call us and ask for Dan. He has been playing guitar for over 40 years. Dan has been teaching guitar for almost 40 years.

  • Low Prices

    National Academy of Music carries many brands, and we always discount our prices below the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Although we carry many kinds of musical instruments, our specialty is in our guitar store and our violin store. Our guitar shop is also stocked with small size guitars.

  • Music Instrument Rentals in Mississauga

    You can rent a variety of musical instruments at our Mississauga music store such as: an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, violin, keyboard, snare drum, bass guitar, amplifier, and flute, at our Mississauga music store. Our rental prices start at $18 per month.

    Purchase your new musical instrument at National Academy of Music, and make a Sound Investment

  • Violin and Guitar Repairs in Mississauga

    • Restringing Violins and Guitars
    • Tuning Violins and Guitars
    • General Minor Repairs in Mississauga
  • We are a Guitar Store Mississauga Residents can find easy to shop at because a guitar expert is always on site, guaranteed.

    Ask any questions, and get any advice.

    National Academy of Music is proudly carrying the Ibanez, and Cort Guitar Brands. Acoustic, Electric, Classical, and ¾ size guitars. These guitars are played by many well-known musicians around the world. Ibanez models such as GRX70QA in Blue or Red.

    These Guitars are very easy to play, and quality crafted for great tuning and sound.


    We also proudly carry the internationally well known “Orange” brand of guitar amplifiers. Amazing clean and distorted guitar sound used by famous musicians all over the world. Models such as Crush 12, Crush 20, and Crush Mini.

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