Piano Lessons Cost / Prices

Piano Lessons Cost

Piano Lessons Cost or Piano Lessons Price at our Mississauga Music School starts at $104 per month if you wish to try lessons out for one month, to make sure you will be able to continue, or if you prefer to make monthly payments, you may purchase this 4 Lesson package,  (4 Private Lessons).

Piano lessons and guitar lessons cost depends on which lesson package you choose. The price rates of our 16 lesson package starts at $384.

Piano Classes Prices

Here are 3 packages that we offer for Private Half-Hour Lessons at our Music School:

A) 16 LESSONS. From $24 per lesson, (Single payment)

B) 8 LESSONS. From $25 per lesson, (Single payment)

C) 4 LESSONS. From $26 per lesson, (Single payment) 

– No Registration Fee

– Private, One-To-One Lessons

(After a payment package is completed, you may switch to a different package, or continue with the same package)

Piano Lessons Rates

Our Piano lesson rates are similar to most of our other program rates such as guitar lessons, vocal lessons, drum lessons and violin lessons, although some vocal or violin rates may be slightly higher.

Our Mississauga Music School also offers a 5th lesson payment package where you can purchase either our 1, 2, or 4 month package, but not have to be committed to weekly lessons. You may schedule your lessons one at a time. This allows you to skip weeks whenever you choose. This “Floater” package is great for people who travel a lot or are on shiftwork etc… 

Piano Lessons Cost – Information:

Payment methods accepted are DEBIT, CASH or CHEQUE, depending on the package purchased.

  • 1 Month Package – 4 Lessons may be paid by DEBIT or CASH.
  • 2 Month Package – 8 Lessons may be paid by DEBIT or CASH.
  • 4 Month Package – 16 Lessons may be paid by DEBIT or CASH.

If you wish to save money, start with our 16 lesson package or our 12 monthly post dated cheques package.

If you prefer a shorter trial period at first, try our regular price, 4 lesson package, after which you can switch to a 8 or 16 lesson discount package.

Our Music Lesson Charges must be paid in advance. This keeps your time slot reserved for you.

National Academy of Music Piano Lesson Fees can be paid in our information office, or via Interac-E-Transfer.

For answers to any of your questions, call 905 502 8989