• Music Theory Lessons in Mississauga

  • RCM Theory Lessons

    National Academy of Music has many years of experience in preparing young students for their RCM Theory Examinations.

    Our Mississauga music school theory lessons have elements of student participation, discovery, as well as fun. Our teaching method blends patience, and humour with demanding requirements. This balance has produced outstanding results for students taking Theory Classes at our Mississauga music school.

  • Harmony, history, and counterpoint

    Our theory lessons curriculum is designed to cover all of the theory requirements of the Royal Conservatory of Music.

    In order to fully complete higher level practical RCM Examinations, students must complete written theory examinations if they wish to obtain the full certificate from grade 5 and up.

    Our theory lessons incorporate a concise, step by step approach to learning music theory. Many students obtain very high RCM Examinations test results at our music school. All exam preparation books are available for purchase at our Mississauga music store.

  • More than RCM Theory lessons

    In music theory lessons, students learn how the concepts behind harmony, and rhythm, blend to form great music. Optimize writing, performance, improvisation, and music understanding skills by developing comprehension of music theory, and harmony. Through interactive activities, hands-on lessons, and transcription exercises, the Student will learn the inner workings of these principal concepts and have a solid base of musical knowledge.

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