• Piano Lessons For Kids In Mississauga

  • Piano Lessons for Kids in Mississauga are an excellent way to discover your child's affection for music while teaching them invaluable life skills

    When a child is given the opportunity to learn the art of music, they're learning a skill which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. The ability to create music is an outstanding way for a child to express their creativity. At the National Academy of Music, we specialize in personalized piano lessons for kids in Mississauga. The piano is a great initial instrument to learn for a beginner with no musical background.

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  • Piano lessons for children bear many positive benefits

    There are additional reasons for signing your child up for piano lessons besides developing their musical capabilities. Learning a musical instrument has proven to increase memory capacity, improve self-confidence, advance coordination, enhance reading and math skills, express feelings more fluidly, and much more. Piano lessons for kids in Mississauga are an excellent platform for self-development, and National Academy of Music has perfected the education process.

  • National Academy of Music has a long and prestigious history of teaching piano lessons for children in Mississauga

    Since 1979, National Academy of Music has been working with children to help them expand their musical talents. We offer private one-on-one piano lessons for kids in Mississauga as young as four years old, creating a unique program that is designed to match their own individual pace and learning habits. Our instructors speak a variety of different languages, and our curriculum is recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

    National Academy of Music accommodates piano lessons for children in Mississauga, on Eglinton, between Mavis and Hurontario. We strongly believe that music is an essential part of a child's education, and our teachers make learning an instrument a fun and exciting process. We are passionate about spreading the gift of music to new students and your child's piano lessons can begin right away!